Polish for foreigners

Polish language courses for English speakers

We are a school that offers Polish courses. In our offer you will find individual and paired lessons at every level and on any day of the week. You can study with us both on-site in Gliwice and online.

why study with us?

school location

We are very easy to reach from any part of the city. Our school is located in the very center of Gliwice, just a minute away from the town square. We are also easily accessible by public transportation from other nearby towns such as Zabrze, Knurov, Bytom or Pyskowice.

Class selection

You can sign up for group lessons at all levels, as well as individual lessons at any time convenient for you. For couples or groups of friends we have prepared a separate offer, where you can share one payment for everyone!

lesson time

Due to the fact that our students have different work schedules, we offer classes on weekdays and weekends. You can sign up for individual lessons at any time convenient for you.

online learning

At our school you can learn Polish remotely, without being limited by time and distance. We offer online Polish language courses for all levels of proficiency and any day of the week...

free trial lesson

If you are not sure of your level or have not decided to take our courses, you can take the opportunity to come to the first lesson completely free of charge (does not apply to new open groups). In the case of any distance learning course, the first lesson is free of charge.

Study aids

Thanks to our partnership with the Bookland chain of bookstores, our cadets can purchase all their study aids at a bargain price right at our school. This allows them to save time and money and focus more on their studies.

Interruption of learning

We understand that sometimes plans can change, and we want you to feel comfortable knowing that you have the option to cancel courses at any time. To notify us of your decision all you need to do is email or call us, then we will waive any remaining fees.

comfortable platform

Our cadets have access to the school platform, where in their personal account you can find full information on lessons taken (amount of material, homework, new words, marks), check dates of lessons and all payments.

minimum formalities

To book an appointment with us, simply fill in the form on the website. After that we will contact you and discuss all the details. You will get access to our platform, where the contract will be available, which can be signed there by clicking the appropriate button, then it remains only to come to the first lesson!


Individual lessons, first of all, are good because all the teacher's attention is focused on you. This allows you to learn the material better, because you have the opportunity to dwell on the most difficult moments, and all mistakes are identified and corrected in the course of the lessons. In addition, the individual form of training allows you to choose a convenient schedule and duration of classes.

PLN 80 60 minutes


Individual classes for couples are an opportunity to organize classes at a time that suits you. The advantage of such classes is that you can choose the time of the class according to your needs, and the hourly fee for the course can be divided between you. If you want to create a small group with your friends, you will pay only 30 zł / 60 minutes for each participant.

PLN 100 60 minutes (1 payment for two people)